5 Top Online Marketing Challenges

Stop Marketing Challenges

If you speak to any successful online marketer they will tell you that they are having challenges in their business every single day.  There are a number of reasons why they are succeeding and the other 98% of those who are trying to monetize an online business fail.

Yes the failure rate online is much higher than the failure rate of small offline businesses.

Unless a new online business owner understands what the challenges involved are and is determined to overcome them to reach the limitless possibilities that are available to them online, then they will become just another statistic.  The fact that you have decided to join this online blogging challenge shows that you are positioning yourself to overcome one of the main challenges that face us all.

Challenge No 1 – CONSISTENCY

It’s easy to feel motivated and start something whether it is a business or a fitness regime or even a diet.  The hard part is doing what needs to be done EVERY SINGLE DAY even when you are not feeling well or you feel tired or are just now in the mood.  The rewards of consistency are enormous.  Apart from that great feeling you get when you find that you have achieved one of your goals, you will be amazed at the other rewards and benefits that consistency will bring you as well.


If my car wouldn’t start and I asked you to fix it  you would probably probably tell me that you don’t know anything about the workings of a car and suggest that I find a car mechanic.  You know very well that a car mechanic can’t learn how to fix cars overnight – he has to spend a lot of time learning  the skills that he needs in order to become competent.

Why then do so many people call themselves an internet marketer when they haven’t given themselves the time to learn or put into practice the right steps to be worthy of this title?  Check out the top marketers in your niche and you will find that the vast majority of them have been working at their skills for years not months and certainly not overnight.  Never be ashamed to ask about anything concerning your online business.  Learning from experienced marketers will save you a lot of time and frustration.


You need to know your target audience inside out.  Apart from their demographics such as their sex,married status,income, where they live etc – (no point in selling snow to the eskimos!) you need to study their psychograpics too.    What keeps them awake at night?  What movies do they watch? What books do they read? Where do they shop? Why do they need your product or service?  How will it transform them or make their lives better or at least take them to the next step in their online journey?

Find out as much as possible about them by literally stalking them.  What social media sites do they spend their time on?  What do they buy and where do they buy it?  Who are their favourite marketers, motivators and mentors.  The list goes on and the more you can fill in the blanks the closer you will  be to knowing what they really want and why they want it.


You have probably heard many times that the money is in the list, but are you adding to your list EVERY SINGLE DAY?  If not you probably need a mentor who will be able to point out the many ways that you can do this and help you to choose the best ones for you.  They will teach you how to set up email sequences and use your autoresponder to your best advantage. They will show you how to create leadmagnets to get to optin to your emai list


It’s so easy to be tempted to buy the next shiny object that you think is going to explode your business.  There’s a lot of hype out there and it can be a trap to make you spend money on tools and training and software that are not going to help you monetise your business and even worse may waste your time and disappoint you.

That’s why you need to find a mentor that you can really trust to have your best interests in mind when they are recommending tools.

You can check out reviews but nothing beats advice from someone who has actually used these tools and can demonstrate how they worked for them.  Personally speaking I spent a fortune on tools and training.  I don’t regret that because I was able to learn so much along the way.  If you are not prepared to invest in your business you can’t expect others to do so.

If you would like to know some of my favourite tools you can check them out here linktr.ee/hilarybassak

I hope you have had an aha moment after reading my blog.  I am sure I will have lots of them when I read the blogs of everyone in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

If you have any questions about any of the above you can send me an email at hilarybassak@gmail.com or find me on most social media platforms as hilarybassak or hbstrategic.





What is Freedom Launchpad?

freedom launchpad


Freedom Launchpad has been designed mainly for anyone who would love to create an online business.  Someone who wants to be their own boss and and rid themselves of the shackles of a job.  Wouldn’t you like to go on vacation when you feel like it without having to ask permission?  What if you could choose to build your business around your lifestyle  instead of having to fit everything around a time table dictated by your boss?


The chances are you may be overwhelmed at the very thought of leaving the comfort of your monthly paycheck and venturing  out into this vast new online world.  Freedom Launchpad will get rid of that feeling by providing you with a step by step process that will take you from zero to setting up your very own affiliate marketing business really fast.  You will learn how to build your list and how to use it to grow your business and your fan base.


If you follow the step by step process you will be amazed at how quickly you can set up your business.  You will even be provided with a book which contains the complete escape plan.  It explains clearly exactly how to get on the right track from the very beginning.  A lot of effort has gone into making sure that the most effective and up to date strategies are included to smooth your journey every step of the way.  Crazy though it may seem this book will increase your conversions if you share it with others.


You will even be able to use the book to lead your contacts to special offers that will speed up their journey to success while earning extra commissions for you.  You can also get over the shoulder trainings and a community where you will receive lots of support from 7 figure earners who started off just where you are now.  They had to learn the steps by trial and error but you are able to learn from their successes and failures and that will speed you on your way to freedom.  This is the lauchpad that took the owner on his journey to earning millions of dollars and he is sharing tips and strategies and secrets that he has never shared before to help people like you and me to have the freedom to make the most of our lives.


It’s launching tonight at 11.59 mst ( 1.59 am EST tomorrow).  When it does there will be a lot more to add to this blog but if you manage to get in before the launch time you will get a very special offer -so better hurry if you want the special deal


How To Write Content That Stands Out

Content That Sells

Stopping The Scroll

Think about what content catches your attention and why and how that happens?   Scrolling down Facebook images with bright or contrasting colors may be the first thing that gets your attention.  You may be put off by photos that are blurry or of low quality and just scroll on by.  Chances are your viewers will too.

Think about the audience you are trying to attract before you even start to create content.  It is aways worthwhile to take a few steps back before you start..  One stunning image is better than 20 mediocre ones.  So how can you create something that is going to stop people in their tracks and give you the chance to gain their attention at least for a few seconds?  If it really seems like too much of a challenge to you, then you have 2 choices – either make the effort to brush up on your graphic skills by purchasing a crash course in the subject or just outsource that part of your content creation to an expert

Research Research Research!

To find out what is working well in your niche you need to check out the competition.  There’s no need to re-invent the wheel – you shouldn’t copy their stuff but you can certainly get a lot of ideas from it and adapt them to your business and your personality.  You can check out their keywords on tools like UberSuggest and the tags they are using on Youtube with vidIQ.

If you are tempted to spend too much time on the research set a time limit for that!

Content For Different Social Media Platforms

Sometimes you may find ideas for your blogs from other people’s videos or you can transcribe your own videos and turn them into blogs or podcasts.  You can have a variety of content on different platforms according to their audiences and even your mood.  You can let your hair down on TikTok and allow Instagram and Pinterest to bring out your creative side.  As long as you are paying attention to the type of content that is popular on each of these social media platforms you can adapt your content to either be congruent with it or stand out from the rest.

The most important thing is to watch out for frequently asked questions and common problems  and create content that solves them.  Content that answers questions is the most successful type of content to attract traffic, lead and buyers.

Content should never be boring either to you or your audience.  If you stick to the topics that excite or motivate you, your audience will pick up on your vibes.


Content For Your Websites

The content on your website should be designed to help your audience move one step further in their business or their lives.  If it can take them from zero to hero so much the better but a long as it can put them on the path to success you are on a winning formula.  Your website is the place where you have the chance to build your brand, nurture your followers, get the know like and trust factor, build your list and even retarget everyone who lands on your website  The right content and keywords can get you ranked in Google – This will attract more viewers and give you the opportunity to convert them into buyers.  It all depends on good quality content.

Testing and Tweaking Your Content

So how do you know if your content is effective?  Results would be the obvious answer but sometimes it can take months for good content to rank on Google.  In the meantime some bloggers give up thinking that if they don’t get fast results their content isn’t good.  It’s easier and faster to test and tweak content on social media than on your blog.   As well as blogs and social media posts and videos and live-streams, other content such as funnels and landing pages and sales pages can play a very important part in your business.  You can create split tests for them.  You can use google analytics for your blog content but that will be a slower process – although it is very motivating to see your statistics improving even when it is gradual.

Repurposing Content

When you are creating content keep in mind the difference between evergreen content and content that can be past it’s sell by date!  Try not to limit your content unnecessarily e.g. If you have a post that says Happy Sunday remember that it can only be reposted on a Sunday so better to say Have a Great Day and you can repost that to your heart’s content.

You can repurpose old content – most people will have forgotten what you have posted a few months ago never mind a couple of years ago.  Just check that the links and the CTAs are still working and that the information is up to date.  Most of us don’t take advantage of all the content that we have created over the years – it’s  just gathering dust somewhere in the depths of our computers and laptops and smartphones.

Syndicating Content

There is absolutely no sense in spending a lot of time and effort creating content if hardly anyone gets the chance to see it.  I know that I am certainly guilty of this.  I shudder to think of the  many times that I have made posts and videos and blogs that I have only presented on one or two platforms.  Syndication is a topic that I intend to put on my bucket list.  It works best if you have a system, a list of places where you will share your content and even better if you can develop the habit of syndicating each and every piece of content as soon as you have completed it.  Of course it is also helpful to have a plugin such as share-a-holic on your blogs and use schedulers to post content at the time and days that are most effective for the different platforms.

Why not write yourself a list of the places you are going to share your content and save it on your desktop as soon as you have finished reading this blog.  That is what I am going to do and don’t forget to keep adding to it from time to time.



Are Challenges A Waste of Your Time?

Final Day

Are Challenges A Waste of Your Time?

Well what do you think?  There are no hard and fast rules abut challenges.  Anyone can start one but only a small percentage of people finish them.  Why is that?  It’s a bit like New Year resolutions we all start off with good intentions.  Over the years we realised that they didn’t really work because we never followed through with them.  Just stop for a moment and think of where you would be now if you had actually kept up all those New Year Resolutions.

Where would you be now if YOU had completed this blogging challenge?  Would you be in a better place or not?  Well I can only tell you from my own experience, but the chances are some of these things would have happened to you too!

  • I have now got 30 new blogs for a website that had only a few so now I am able to send people to it in the knowledge that they will find some information there that may well help them in their online journey
  • I am getting more traffic to my website because I have been posting consistently
  • I am able to go to Google Analytics and analyse what is working and what is not instead of seeing the message “not enough data for this report”
  • I am overcoming my lack of consistency which was holding me back tremendously in my business and in my life
  • I have a better idea of which type of content my audience is interested in and what problems they need to solve
  • It has increased my self worth – I now know that I can actually complete tasks without making excuses or  procrastinating
  • The practice involved is increasing my blogging and writing skills
  • It has given me the confidence to continue the challenge for another 36 days when according to the latest scientific information it will become a habit imbedded in my subconscious and manifested in my business

If you think that some of these outcomes might be useful for you and you are regretting that you did not take up the 30 day challenge – it’s not too late! – there is no time limit on getting started.   You could even use it as a way to build up your content in preparation for Black Friday or any other important time in your marketing calender e.g. a product launch

Are Challenges Worthwhile?

Challenges allow you to get a glimpse into what you are really capable of doing on a consistent basis – 

every single day! – every single day! – every single day.!

Well OK – none of us are perfect – not even our mentors – maybe not every single day but as close to that as possible.  As a rule of thumb it is best not to miss more that one day in a row otherwise  it is harder to get back on the bandwagon.  Challenges can be your passport to get going – jump of the struggle bus and join the winners – whatever winning means to you.

The Advantages You Can Gain From Challenges

There are massive advantages that you can gain from challenges apart from competence and gaining awesome new effective habits.  Every marketer who is worth his salt knows that thoughts become things and things that get written down get measured and once they are measured we begin to delve deeper into the topic and eventually master it.  That’s when the magic happens and it can all start with a challenge.

So don’t underestimate challenges.  Sometimes they can get us started on a path and other times they can keep us going on a journey that we have already started.  They give us a goal, a target to aim for and the ability to gain accountability for our own actions.

Another opportunity offered by challenges is that you get to direct your audience or viewers to wherever you choose – to your product, an affiliate product your video or one that you think will be useful to them, another one of your blogs, a booking form for a consultation, a freebie, a guide – the list is endless.   You can decide whether to nurture them with useful information or let them get to know you on social media (building relationships).  You can get them to join your mailing list or turn them from  a visitor into a lead and a lead into a sale.  Yes, all this and more with the CTAs that you include daily.

When One Challenge Leads to Another

Another thing that happened to me during my last few of challenges was that one challenge led to more of them.  I was in the process of transitioning to a plant based diet when I noticed that one of the groups that I am a member of had started a health based 90 day challenge.  So I joined it and set a goal of releasing 28 lbs.  I didn’t reach my target weight but I did release 21 lbs and have already got rid of another 2 lbs.  This was enough to convince me that challenges do work.  So when my son decided to create a 30 day blogging challenge I had no hesitation in joining it  Previously he had done a 30 day video challenge which brought him a lot of business.  I had also started it but only got as far as video 4.  Now that I have completed this blogging challenge I will also be finishing the video challenge by the end of this month.

   Shout Out To:

My mentors who actually created the challenges.  Probably the first challenge I ever did was a 30 day video challenge and that taught me that I could actually create 7- 10 videos in a day.  I had gotten behind in my challenge and I did not want to miss the deadline so I made a massive effort to complete the remaining videos within a couple of days.  This showed me just what I was capable of and also made creating just one video – which I used to look upon as quite a task – as super easy.

Now that I have seen with my own eyes the results that can be achieved with challenges I will always be a challenger.

Where Do We Go From Here?

It might seem pretty obvious where we go to from here – on to the next challenge of course!  But there is a lot more to it than that.  My challenge motivated  me to appreciate the power of blogs again.  At one stage about 10 years ago I had created over 300 blogs.  I had been encouraged to do so by one of my first mentors who was a great trainer.  I picked up some great concepts and blogging strategies from him but there were also massive gaps in my knowledge at that time.  So my blogs did not have the desired effect of helping me to make sales.

I blamed blogging for my lack of results and decided blogging was more or less a waste of time.  How wrong could I be.  I did not realise that it was my ignorance and incompetence that was the problem.  After all there were plenty of marketers who did have successful blogs.  If I had stopped and thought about that, then I might have made an effort to fill the gaps in my knowledge and improve my blogging skills instead of giving up on them.  From now on I will be blogging on regardless!!

Since the challenge has rekindled my interest in blogging I came upon a very useful blogging planner which was lying in the back of a cupboard.  It is much more interesting and effective now that I am in the process of blogging daily.

I also came upon a blogging training within an affiliate training platform that I am a member of and it is also now making a lot more sense to me as I am blogging along with it and I can now put it to good use too.

I will be tweaking and testing and improving my old blogs as well as creating better blogs than I have in the past.  Just got a message the other day that the first blog in my 30 day challenge has been ranked in Google already.  That can’t be bad!

I will be repurposing my blogs by using them to create videos and video chips to use on social media platforms

I will be syndicating them and adding them to my groups and creating rss feeds to schedule out.

I will be revisiting my keywords and titles and tags and updating my CTAs.  I will be adding opt-in forms and popups and creating vlogs.  I will keep on going until I feel worthy of the title blogger and then I will add that title to my social media bios.

Maybe when I have done those things I will feel ready to share my blogging knowledge with others and help them to fall in love with blogging and challenges.  When I have done all that then I will teach them to dream because that  is my great gift for which I am very grateful.

My goodness what amazing things can start with a challenge – so what are you waiting for?  Get started today!


5 Essential Marketing Tools

Top Tools for MarketersTh

Training is the first tool in your arsenal.  You can find a ton of free training on the internet.  Make Google and Youtube your friends.  Whether you need technical information or want to know how to do something you will almost certainly find it there.  Pinterest is also a great but often neglected source but Pinterest is a search engine too.  Quora and Reddit are also great places to find out about the skills you need in your business.  The problem is they can be a bit hit or miss and it takes time to search around for the best trainings and trainers.  Don’t go buying internet marketing courses willy nilly.  You can spend a fortune on that.  However you do need to invest in training to improve your skills and keep you up to date on the current trends.  If you can find someone who has had great results from a training course that they are using, then that is probably a better option for you.

2 A funnel builder is something you are going to need at some point.  The sooner you get one and practice using it the faster your business is likely to grow.  There are a lot of funnels out there and the most well known one is rather expensive.  I was fortunate enough to find one that is simpler to use, only a  fraction of the cost and it includes a booking platform, an online course creator, a membership site platform and an affiliate program that pays out 80% commissions.

3 An autoresponder is another requirement as marketers know that the money is in the list and to build a list you need an autoresponder.  It’s crazy but I have four of them.  The reason this happened was that the first one that I bought was the one that most marketers used at the time (not sure if this is still the case).    I can’t actually remember why I bought the second one – maybe it was because the first one was insisting on double opt-ins which I personally do not like.  The third one I bought was the one that my favourite mentor uses and it is great for segmentation and I prefer it to the rest.  The last one was because it was integrated with a business that I am promoting.

4 An effective shopping cart and this one was a no-brainer for me because I got a lifetime deal which includes lifetime updates is saving me a lot of money.  It came out tops on comparison videos with it’s main competitor so  I am very happy with that!

5  A Mastermind is something that is invaluable.  Some masterminds can be very costly – especially when the members are successful marketers looking to improve their skills.  They can be worth their weight in gold and move you along the path of greatness.  So investing in a mastermind can turn your business around if you implement the strategies that are shared.  Just one hack or even a new perspective on your business can be all you need to start scaling your business as far as your vision will take you.


7 Things Every New Online Marketer Needs

7 Things Marketers Need

If  you are starting a new business online and you are probably beginning to realise that there’s a lot more to this marketing business than you expected.  It can all become a bit overwhelming and  you may be wishing someone would tell you what you really need to get started.   There are must have tools such as an autoresponder and a shopping cart but they are really the tools of the trade and you will be able to find out about them in my next blog post.

1  You need an great bio that tells people how you can help them solve their problems

2 You need a photo of yourself that is clear and  make sure that you are smiling because it will be the first thing that people will see on all your social media pages

3  You need a product or service to sell – it can be digital or physical and it can be your own product or someone else’s

4  You need to create a freebie such as a checklist or a guide or a list of tips or hacks to entice your followers to give you their email  address

5  You need a tripwire  – i.e. a low cost item  (a no-brainer that will move them a step closer to solving their problem or reaching their goal) to  promote in your first email to encourage people to buy from you from the outset.

6  You need at least 5 follow up emails that provide value on the topic that they signed up for in the first place to create the know like and trust factor

7  You need a funnel that leads them to your sales page



The Missing Skill

Missing Skill

Do you ever feel that there is something missing in your life.  Something that could have turned your life around and increased your earning power tremendously!  It’s a skill that has been around since time began but has been and still is probably the most under-rated skill of all.  Many people don’t even look upon it as a skill.  They believe that it’s just something you are born with or not.  Of course that skill is selling.  If you were good at selling the chances are you wouldn’t even be reading this blog – you’d probably be off sipping pina coladas on some exotic beach.

When kids want something they are all great little sales people.  They are totally focused on the outcome and will not be distracted from it.  Persistence with a little bit of charm added can work wonders on their parents and if all else fails they can turn their attentions to the grand parents who are usually a pushover.  .  When they reach their teens some go on to improve or even perfect their selling skills with lots of practice, while with others the doubts start to set in and they lose this great gift.  What a great pity that selling is not part of the school curriculum.

I have known a few really good salespeople and I have noticed that there is one thing that they have in common  and that is that they treat selling as a game.  They love it and for them every new contact is a challenge  and every new buyer a victory.  They are always on the lookout for the next client or the next deal.  They make us lesser mortals curl up in the corner defeated once again marvelling at their seemingly magical powers.  They know their products inside out and that gives them that extra spark of confidence that they need to push on to closing the deal.

I enjoy watching a great sales person in action.  Some of them succeed because of their natural charm and others have persistence as their main weapon.  I know one very successful sales woman who describes herself as a terrier.   Most of them have learnt the art of selling from a parent or from some form of corporate training.

Nowadays anyone who has sales experience can make a killing on the internet. but there are also opportunities for those of us who don’t.  It’s called marketing and the selling is done by using content to create irresistible offers which can then be scaled and put on automatic mode.

If you would like to learn how to succeed at online marketing even if you are starting from scratch why not check out this free trial – you can learn the strategies that work from those who have already been and gone and done it!


Playing Catch Up

Time Management

Do you spend a lot of time playing catch up?  I know that I have been doing that far too much.  It means you are in a constant state of anxiety rushing to catch up on the trainings you’ve missed, on the books you haven’t got around to reading, on the tasks you have not completed or maybe have not even started.  So why are we putting ourselves under this pressure?  Is it to impress someone or to convince ourselves that by working harder we are going to achieve our goals.  Some people are so busy paying catch up that they don’t even have the time to  figure out what their goals are never mind achieve them.

It’s a bit like the person clutching at straws and the more they struggle the  faster they sink.  So let’s take a step back  and ask ourselves why we are in such a hurry.  Let’s just start each day by  writing down 3 tasks and focusing on them to the exclusion of all the other distractions.  If you manage to get all three completed give yourself a reward and if you don’t, give yourself a reward anyway and put the ones you didn’t complete on the next days list.  If you are focusing on the tasks that will take you one step closer to your goal or vision then it’s only a matter of time before you achieve it.  When you keep doing this consistently the law of attraction kicks in and the people and things that you need to move you forward in your life will miraculously appear.

Some people think that miracles only happen to other people but they are always waiting in the sidelines for all of us – all they need is a little nudge.

Playing catch up is really just a bad habit that we have taught ourselves and there is no reason why we cannot unlearn it.  We just need to replace it with a new better more effective habit.  It doesn’t have to be black or white – a gradual improvement is always better than no improvement at all.  None of us are perfect and neither are our mentors.  We may miss a day or two  when we join a challenge.  That is not an excuse to give up – this is the one time when instead of trying to catch up we can just extend the challenge for a few days

Morning routines listing 10 things we are grateful for and repeating affirmations on a daily basis have been proven to work for many successful people – they may well work for you, so why not give them a try.  While you are at it ask yourself this question  “What can I do today to be more effective in my business?” or “What can I do today to create a passive income?”  Health goals or relationship goals may be more important to you at the moment so you can devise questions like “What can I do to make my partner happy today?” or ” What unhealthy food will I avoid today?” and remind yourself when you start the day that you are not going to let this brand new day be wasted playing catch up.


Patience is Powerful

patienc pays

Great Men know just how important it is to be patient.  Nelson Mandela was the ultimate example of what patience can achieve.  We don’t have to spend most of our lives in a prison to achieve our dreams, but without a vision and the patience to keep on working at it we are liable to miss many golden opportunities.

My favourite philosopher Aristotle  put it this way:

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

Some people are blessed with a kind of inbuilt patience – some might describe it as being easy going but I see it as being realistic.  When you start any kind of business or project you need to have the patience to see it through.  Some people quit because they are impatient for results.   This can happen even when they are on the brink of success.  It’s one of the biggest problems in the online marketing world.   Yes -you have no doubt seen or read about those who have had almost instant success on social media platforms, but often this overnight success has not been as fast or as easy as it appears.

It’s a well known fact that only one out of five businesses succeed.  The online business success rate is much less, some surveys have concluded that 90% of them fail in the first 4 months.  Perhaps this is because new online business owners have unrealistic expectations or because they have not had to pay much to start it up in the first place.  When people don’t pay for something – they don’t pay attention to it.   To lose patience with a new online business in a few short months is so ridiculous.

So can impatient people learn how to be patient?  Not really, patience is a mindset and the only way you can do anything the lack of it is to make a massive effort to become patient.

Sometimes life forces people to be patient.  It certainly did with me.  When I was 13 years old I found out that I was adopted.  I made a decision that one day, however long it took I would find my mother.  I couldn’t have imagined how long that would be, but it took 40 years.  I never gave up and I finally found her 3 days before her hundredth birthday.  It was a day worth waiting for and the patience and persistence finally paid off.  It usually does.

So if you are someone who is looking for the magic button that leads to fast success in internet marketing, you can stop looking now because it just does not exist.  Be patient and it will change your life just as it did with  mine.

BTW  If you would like to read my story you can find it here


Test and Track

Learn to test and track

If you don’t want to leave money on the table, then you need to test and track most of  your content.  I learnt this lesson the hard way!  I made a lead page for a special theme that I was promoting.   At that time I was not having much success with affiliate marketing – so when I got an email from the company asking me the strategy I had used to sell 13 themes in one day I was flattered but at the same time devastated.  The commission for the sales came after a couple of months and by that time I had forgotten what I had done or where I had been advertising the product that specific day.  That taught me a hard lesson!  Imagine if I had been tracking my lead pages and had been able to repeat the actions I had taken that  day – I could even have scaled those results by using paid ads.

Another time with another lead page which was getting me 2 leads consistently on a daily basis  on autopilot – for some crazy reason I listened to an accountability partner I had at the time who advised me to change it and yes you’ve guessed it I stopped getting the signups and couldn’t remember the original wording of the lead page.

One of the best ways of growing and scaling your business is to run split tests on your funnels, your images, your sales pages – in fact all of your advertising material can be improved by this simple method.  On some softwares you can have split tests on more than 2 items at a time.  Each time you test make sure only to change one thing e.g  the colour and/or the size of the font, the CTA (call to action), the buy button.  Just whatever you think might more attractive to your potential client.  You can try adding  a bonus on one test page to find out how effective that is or perhaps use a coupon instead.   You  may also be able to send split test A  to a certain percentage of your audience and the rest to Split test B.  This feature is useful if you have something that is already getting good results and you want to send the original to a larger percentage of your audience and split test say 20% so that you don’t risk losing too many sales while you can still try to improve your results.

I used to pay for a tracking software, but now I have found a funnel builder that has an even better tracking system and pays out 80% commissions.  It includes  a lot of other great features and training.


How To Make an Ebook With Your Blogs

Blog Ebook

Why Make an Ebook With Your Blogs?

The main reason to make an ebook with your blogs is that it is faster to make it because you already have most of the content.  You can use it to collect leads because people who are interested in your topic will appreciate a free ebook.  You could also upload it to Kindle and make some sales or sell it on a website (not the one that the blogs are posted on!) 😀

I decided to test these methods before recommending any of them to you.

Method No 1 – Use Canva:

So I started by finding an ebook template in Canva (a free software that you will find at canva.com).  After I opened my chosen template I then went to my website and chose the posts that I wanted to include in my ebook.  I started to copy and paste my blog to the template but should have added at least enough pages to add the first blog.  I had to read the blog to make sure that all of it was relevant to the ebook.  I made a few minor changes.  I found a few problems when I was trying to change the font but managed to sort them out pretty quickly.. It took me longer than expected because I felt that I needed to pad out some parts of the blog to fit in with the structure of the  ebook e.g. I decided to give a full page to each of the marketing challenges.

Method No 2 – Google Doc with Own Design Cover

I created my ebook cover in my favourite app for graphics which just happens to be RelayThat – but you could create the ebook cover in Canva and add it to your Google Doc.  Then I outlined the chapters and filled them with the contents of the blog – I changed some of the wording so that it was relevant for an ebook but no problems regarding fonts or structure.  The fact that I am a lot more familiar with Google Docs than I am with Canva Templates may be why I preferred the second method to the first

Method No 3 – Using an App Designed Especially To Create E-Books

First of all I was greeted with a video showing me how to use the tools provided to navigate the pages of the ebook.  They explained that I could duplicate pages, delete pages and use drag and drop which is also included in the navigator.  You can access 1000 fonts, change the background,spacing, fonts etc.  You can resize image and word wrap it and there re many more features which are included in the introductory video.

You can upload your own images or search for images in your niche.  There is a help feature and support is also available if you want any information that is not included in the help section.  I must say this software has really motivated me to write some ebooks.   If you are also building your brand, I would recommend it because it will help you to produce a much better quality ebook.  Your ebook may be the first content that someone sees and it is important to come across as someone who is professional and is promoting quality products.  You can  take advantage of this special one time offer to Get Started Right Away