5 Essential Marketing Tools

Training is the first tool in your arsenal.  You can find a ton of free training on the internet.  Make Google and Youtube your friends.  Whether you need technical information or want to know how to do something you will almost certainly find it there.  Pinterest is also a great but often neglected source but Pinterest is a search engine too.  Quora and Reddit are also great places to find out about the skills you need in your business.  The problem is they can be a bit hit or miss and it takes time to search around for the best trainings and trainers.  Don’t go buying internet marketing courses willy nilly.  You can spend a fortune on that.  However you do need to invest in training to improve your skills and keep you up to date on the current trends.  If you can find someone who has had great results from a training course that they are using, then that is probably a better option for you.

2 A funnel builder is something you are going to need at some point.  The sooner you get one and practice using it the faster your business is likely to grow.  There are a lot of funnels out there and the most well known one is rather expensive.  I was fortunate enough to find one that is simpler to use, only a  fraction of the cost and it includes a booking platform, an online course creator, a membership site platform and an affiliate program that pays out 80% commissions.

3 An autoresponder is another requirement as marketers know that the money is in the list and to build a list you need an autoresponder.  It’s crazy but I have four of them.  The reason this happened was that the first one that I bought was the one that most marketers used at the time (not sure if this is still the case).    I can’t actually remember why I bought the second one – maybe it was because the first one was insisting on double opt-ins which I personally do not like.  The third one I bought was the one that my favourite mentor uses and it is great for segmentation and I prefer it to the rest.  The last one was because it was integrated with a business that I am promoting.

4 An effective shopping cart and this one was a no-brainer for me because I got a lifetime deal which includes lifetime updates is saving me a lot of money.  It came out tops on comparison videos with it’s main competitor so  I am very happy with that!

5  A Mastermind is something that is invaluable.  Some masterminds can be very costly – especially when the members are successful marketers looking to improve their skills.  They can be worth their weight in gold and move you along the path of greatness.  So investing in a mastermind can turn your business around if you implement the strategies that are shared.  Just one hack or even a new perspective on your business can be all you need to start scaling your business as far as your vision will take you.

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