5 Tips to Stay on Course

Being separated from your family and friends is one of the hardest parts of this current situation that we all find ourselves in.  Usually my grandsons come and stay with me in the school holidays, but of course  that’s a no no until…when???  That”s the problem most people can’t see any light at the end of this tunnel and all the media and the politicians seem to be able to do is bombard us with is doom and gloom and promises that the worst is yet to come.

We used to have goals and plans but so many of those have been hit on the head,  so what can we do to survive and thrive.  How can we stay on course?

1  Avoid the media as much as possible and watch funny videos or movies instead

2 Spend more time with online marketers and their groups because their mantra is and always has been – Never give up!

3  Make use of the extra time you have to learn a new skill

4  Start growing your own vegetables or at least herbs if you don’t have a garden and do anything else that you can to improve your health.

5 If you are at home with your kids – make the most of it – they grow up far too quickly

This is going to be my shortest blog because I am totally exhausted – been working hard all day long and so I’m off to bed now.




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