7 Things Every New Online Marketer Needs

If  you are starting a new business online and you are probably beginning to realise that there’s a lot more to this marketing business than you expected.  It can all become a bit overwhelming and  you may be wishing someone would tell you what you really need to get started.   There are must have tools such as an autoresponder and a shopping cart but they are really the tools of the trade and you will be able to find out about them in my next blog post.

1  You need an great bio that tells people how you can help them solve their problems

2 You need a photo of yourself that is clear and  make sure that you are smiling because it will be the first thing that people will see on all your social media pages

3  You need a product or service to sell – it can be digital or physical and it can be your own product or someone else’s

4  You need to create a freebie such as a checklist or a guide or a list of tips or hacks to entice your followers to give you their email  address

5  You need a tripwire  – i.e. a low cost item  (a no-brainer that will move them a step closer to solving their problem or reaching their goal) to  promote in your first email to encourage people to buy from you from the outset.

6  You need at least 5 follow up emails that provide value on the topic that they signed up for in the first place to create the know like and trust factor

7  You need a funnel that leads them to your sales page




  1. Helllo there!, this is an interesting article which will help people to be more better than the way they are. This is something that people need and I am happy that you brought this thing out to the public which helps a lot of persons, I am happy to have come in contact with article from you . Thank you for this article.

  2. Hello There! This is an awesome and decent article you’ve put together though in few words but the quality of the information in here is outstanding. These ten things you just listed here are majorly what many newbies in online marketing like me neglect. Thanks for sharing this with me, I will work on it ASAP!

    • Thank you so much for you comment – much appreciated.  I am trying to share info that will shorten the learning curve so I am glad you found it useful

  3. I am just starting out in the online world, this has been very good information for me. I have learned a lot of important steps to take in the process. It’s very refreshing to read an article that explains the process in such great detail without any up sells. I am looking to quit my day job and i feel with the help of this post i’m going to be able to do that.

    • Thank you so much Lisa  I wish you every success on your journey to success and I am glad to have been of help

  4. I think this is a great text. Online earnings are something that I think is a must these days. Especially at a time of pandemic when many people lost their jobs. Thanks for the reminder on how to start our own business and what things to focus on. I think that means a lot to all of us who are just starting out in online business. I agree that a biography is extremely important because our job is greatly influenced by our image and it can be a great advertisement.

    • Thank you for the kind comment and I look forward to see a smiling photo of you in your bios 😀

  5. Thank you for a great reminder. Online business is a must have in the era we are leaving in, either full time or part time . But the most important part is  the .how to begin as a newbie. I love how you have simplified that part in your list. What you have listed are basics that most online entrepreneurs fail to set up when they start their businesses.

  6. Thank you for the tips. I’m just starting my journey as an online marketer to have something productive in my free time. I already have a website, but there is almost no visitor to it. I think using freebie and tripwire as you suggested may improve my condition. My niche is fashion, so is it too much of a hassle for the visitors if I just sell one of my products at the lowest cost in exchange for their email address?

    • Better to write some sort of a guide or fashion tips for example you could give some tips about how to mix and match your wardrobe  and perhaps add a couple of photos of some of your outfits.  It is generally not a good idea to lower your prices just for a signup  You need a good opt in funnel that attracts your ideal customer.  You can create as many funnels as you like with this funnel builder – just keep on testing and tweaking until you find the one that is most effective

  7. Online marketing is a good online business to go into, it doesn’t demand so much expertise and anyone can go into it. It is very nice of you tos share these 7 needs for online marketers, they are very practical and contains all the necessities to help grown their business. The bio part is best important, it’ll help you captivate the heart of your audience.

  8. Many marketers concentrate on list building and forget the very first thing a bio. I like the way you highlighted it as the first thing. That is the best way to sell your self first. Who are you, what is your experience. Very vital. Also your  free offer I love the way you established it and your email followup sequence of at least 5 like you highlighted is essrntila

  9. Hi, thanks for the nice article. It sure made me realize what I have to do in order to get myself online. I think I have to find a place where they will guide me step by step and teach me how to set it all up. I am a total greenhorn when it comes to the internet. All I can do is use social media, and that I am very good at. 

    I hope u can suggest a good way for me to get started. I do wish to make money online, like everyone seems to be making nowadays.



    • Hi AB  I recommend that you check out this platform where you will be taken step by step through all the strategies you will ever need to start your own home business.  As well as that you can earn 80% commissions on all their products.  There are many 7 figure earners in this community who are very generous in sharing their tips and strategies and generally helping you with any concerns you may have about getting started.  Even if you are not good at sales they will show you how to change that!  Most importantly their strategies are simple but they work.  The leaders are amazing 7 figure earners themselves.  You can check it out with this 7 day free trial

  10. Wow! Very, VERY informative, video and summary! I appreciate this information so much. thank you for providing it for us and for giving us a way to escape the 9 to 5. As that is one of my goals and I am very sure many people out there really have a similar objective in their head to work on their own terms. Thank you so much for the info you’ve provided for us all. 

    • Thank you for your amazing comment.  I hope you reach your goal soon.  Getting started is often the hardest part!

  11. This is amazing. I am a beginner when it comes to online marketing and have been doing a lot of research to learn a lot so I can have a sound understanding of what being an online marketer takes. I must say that this article has added to the little knowledge I have on online marketing. I’ll do my best to read more on these 7 things.

  12. Hello, this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this as the information I’m getting from here is standard. this is a very easy to follow list and everyone can understand it. I am still very new to affiliate marketing, started about two weeks ago so these tips are really needed. Right now, I need all the tips I can get so I can become great at affiliate marketing. Thanks for making it easy, it would help a lot in my affiliate marketing journey

    • Glad that the information was helpful for you Lizzy.  If you want to bookmark my website you will be able find my latest posts

  13. I am getting started with affiliate marketing and up till this point I hadn’t read a post as yours indicating me the things that could take my game to the next level. I would like to focus these day on something I could give away for free. I know it will cost me a bit of money to buy something and then give it away, but it’s an investment.

    • Hi Paolo  You don’t need to buy anything to give it away for free.  All you need to do is to create a checklist or a free guide about your product or service  Then you can create a funnel and get people to opt in to your list to get it. The this one

  14. This is a very helpful post on the 7 things that every new online marketer needs. I think most of these tips would also be applicable to somebody who has been doing online marketing for a while. I have not previously come across the idea of a tripwire, or a low cost product, so this is a great idea. 

    Do you have a suggestion as to the maximum price of such an item that people will buy it?

    • Usually tripwires are $7-$9  They are just a little taster of your business or service but they should be good quality because if they are this will encourage those who buy it to buy more from you.  A low ticket item  can be $17.95 – $49.95.  You have to test your audience – start off with the lower price and if it is selling gradually increase the price until you reach the sweet spot  Hope that helps

  15. Hello there thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful piece  of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of. I am a beginner to affiliate marketing and learning from top marketers everyday is a blessing, these tips will definitely go along way in my journey, thanks.

    • Glad you enjoyed the review  If you want any more tips just check me out on MeWe.  It is a platform which unlike Facebook allows you to see all of your followers post  Here’s a link to it. BTW t’s free

  16. Hey thanks so much for the easy-to-follow list of the things the new online marketers need. I think I’ve been overlooking the “tripwire” product and also the “freebie” in exchange for email subscription. I appreciate the advice as it’s easy to see why these ideas make sense to help build a profitable relationship with potential new customers. 

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