Books That Will Help You To Exit The 9 to 5

These are some of the books that I have read recently and recommend. They will help you on your journey in online marketing Reading books and honing your skills are a major part of success both online and off line.  The top two are must read classics.

Atomic Habits are the way to improve your business and following the strategies in this book will totally transform your life.

This short book explains clearly how to create flash briefings for Alexa.  Sixty five million people already own one but a very small proportion of them are creating flash briefings – it’s free and you don’t even need to own an Alexa.  It’s a great opportunity to get in at the beginning and accustom people to the sound of your voice and help brand you.

It’s always wise to test your ideas before spending time on building a business which  may or may not be successful  Pat Flynn is someone who walks his talk and shares his knowledge on  exactly how to do this.

This is the most motivational book that I have read in a long long time.  Full of practical advice to succeed in business.  I highly recommend it!


  1. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I have read similar books but I would like to get  the think and grow rich as it looks like a book with a lot of potential life changing data.. I definitely can’t wait to have it delivered.

    • Hello David You can get the online version of Think and Go Rich for free.  You will find it on YouTube and some great Napoleon Hill videos as well.  Glad it helped

  2. I am happy to have come across this post today, i am an affiliate marketing beginner so every guide i get from top people are always appreciated. These books looks good and their price rate doesn’t cost much to get which makes it even more better. I am going to include this in my online business journey, thanks for your help

    • Hello Harry If you search on YouTube you will find free online versions of Think and Grow Rich.  I’m glad you like my post

  3. Thanks for sharing this books that will greatly help to give enlightenment and insight on how to start an online business, and forget about that 9-5 daily job that doesn’t pay well. Getting hold of and reading one or two of these books will have a great impact on the rate at which one can become successful.

  4. It haa been confirmed that successful people are wise minds doesn’t depend on their own knowledge alone but also read a lot of books to help them with new ideas and all, so it is very important for us to read books that’ll help us grow. These books are really resourceful and are with a lot of good stuffa to be learned.

    • Hi Manny The great thing about books is that you get to pick the brains of the very best marketers and personal development experts.  Usually when someone takes the time and trouble to write a book they share their best stuff unless of course it has been written by a ghostwriter – although that only applies to a very small percentage of books

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