Content Syndication

If you are struggling to monetise your blogs.   If you haven’t been able to figure out why you are not getting many views or much engagement, the problem may not be the actual blogs.  You probably spend much more time and effort on creating your content than you do on making sure that they are getting enough visibility.

You probably spend time on researching your competitors,your keywords, your hashtags and creating the blogs and graphics.  You may be trying hard to find out what your target market really need and want.  After all this effort you are probably feeling tired or more likely exhausted .  This is where a lot of marketers drop the ball.  They spend a few minutes posting the link to their blog on Facebook and maybe in a couple of  FaceBook groups and LinkedIn and then they head off to bed giving themselves a pat on the back for being consistent with their blogging.

Meanwhile the poor blogpost is left  hanging in mid-air.  Hardly anybody is seeing it on Facebook because they only show your posts to a small percentage of your followers.    Maybe if you are lucky it will pick up a few views on LinkedIn but nothing significant – certainly not enough to set you on course for the laptop lifestyle.

So what is the solution?  You are going to have to get a content syndication strategy.  It’s no good just sharing willy nilly around various social media platforms.  You need to have a strategy that involves a system, a dmo (daily method of operation).  The more you can automate this the better.

  • For example you can segment your email list and set up a sequence of emails with your latest blog posts.
  • You can add share buttons to all your blogs with add this or share this
  • Make some videos and live-streams  and send viewers to your website
  • You can share it in niche forums and groups
  • You can add your website as part of your branding in quotes and images

There are so many places and ways that you can syndicate your content – you can find hundreds of ways on Google.  You need to spend some time testing and tracking to find out which ones are effective for you and your business.  Then you need to get your system up and running and syndicate consistently with at least the same effort and time that you spend on your content creation.


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