How To Create a Blog

I have been blogging for more years than I care to remember.  I was prompted to write this blog post after reading on WA who was very excited about finding out that she could use the keyword shortcut Command +A to select a piece of content on her Mac.

It made me realise that it is so easy to forget who we are reaching with our blogs.  Everyday more people are coming online for the first time.  It’s so easy to forget this and assume that they know what we are talking about when we mention platforms and content and vlogs and keyword shortcuts.

If you are a newbie, the first thing that I would recommend is that you should Make Google Your Friend.  You really can find out what all these “internet marketing” words mean.  If you need to see how something is done then you will be surprised at just how much you can find on YouTube to steer you through this maze.

Create Your Own Free Blog

Maybe being able to create your own free blog was what attracted you to WA in th first place.  There are many reasons why people want to learn how to create a blog.  The bottom line is that usually they want to create a blog and make money for themselves and their families.  There are lots of trainings out there, but none more comprehensive than the training here inside WA.

The great thing about blogging is that you don’t have to be a great writer.  You don’t have to spend hours perfecting your photos or images.  You don’t even need to be good at spelling or grammar because there is a spell checker and a grammar checker on your content platform in WA (see below).

Create an Online Blog

The best possible place to start creating the content for your blog is the content platform which you can find by clicking on WEBSITES and then CONTENT.  It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s effective.  If you do come upon any problems there is an amazing 24/7 support system to answer all your questions and an very helpful community you can reach with one click of your mouse.

Learn How To Create a Blog

So the question remains, since you are being provided with all this assistance – is there anything else that you need to get started?  All you need is to know that to be successful you must provide people with some valuable information – a solution to their problem or a way to ease their pain.  Something that will help them move toward their goals and dreams.  That’s it -that’s all there is to it.  Just write as if you were talking to a friend and before you know it you will have lots of friends who will listen to you because they will realise that you genuinely have their best interests at heart.

How To Create a Blog in a Short Time

  • Go to a forum about whatever interests you.  Pay attention to the questions there.  Choose the most frequently asked questions and provide the solution to one of them in your blog
  • Add that question to your keyword search tool and use the top keywords in your title and content
  • Write as if you are talking to ONE friend and add a relevant image
  • If you want to go one step further -turn it into a vlog by adding a relevant video (you can find one on Youtube or make one yourself) and embed it in your blog (If you don’t know how to do that -go to YouTube and search for how to embed a video in a wordpress blog).

I created this blog to help someone who is getting started.  If that is you I would love you to get back to me and let me know if it worked for you.

BTW  I suggest you get a pocket sized notebook and jot down your blog ideas and as many details as you can about your target audience.  Your target audience is the key to success online.  When you manage to figure out who are the people who actually want to consume or buy your information then you are well on your way to success with your blog and your online business.  You will find training on WA to help you find them and if you are prepared to spend some time finding out what they want -as oppposed to what you think they need – and share it with them in your blog.  So all you need to know is at your fingertips and there is no better time than now to get started.


I wish you every success in reaching your goals and enjoying the journey.  If you have any questions or need any help don’t hesitate to message me @hilarybassak or send me an email to

BTW  If you are not already a member yet here is a link which will enable you to join WA for freeblogging ideas notebook.

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