How To Gain Momentum Online

Building Momentum – Is It Worth The Effort?

Well  some people think that building momentum online is not worth the effort because it requires a lot of work to get it going.  They realise that it is a lot easier to lose momentum than it is to gain it.  They are the ones who have not pushed momentum to the limit, have not seen the magic of momentum in full flow.  Unstoppable momentum should be our driving force if we are really serious about our online businesses.

Often marketers don’t like words like discipline, consistency, dedication – They go against the grain of the freedom lifestyle that people want to replace the dull city jobs and boring routines they have had to endure in their workplaces.  BUT and it’s a big but there is no magic button and if you are prepared to put in the effort in the beginning momentum will come to your assistance and allow you to cut down on the time you need to spend on your business.

What Are The Most Effective Ways to Build Momentum?

So here are some of the things that can help you gain momentum asap

  • Posting daily on social media platforms – You can use apps such as Tailwind to schedule your posts on Instagram and Pinterest
  • Facebook has it’s own built-in scheduler
  • Blogging consistently using SEO to get ranked on Google and adding pixel to your websites to collect a list of warm followers that you can retarget on your Facebook ads
  • Make Youtube Videos – You may prefer to do this in batches so that you always have videos ready to upload on a regular basis
  • Be a simulcaster – that means you can live-stream to a number of different platforms simultaneously – ( and both have free options as well as paid options)
  • Repurpose your content – use excerpts from your blog or clips from your videos
  • Cross promote with other marketers in your niche who have a similar amount of followers
  • Do Guest posts
  • Influencer marketing (This is paying influencers to allow you to have your posts on their social medium platforms
  • Engaging with your followers and putting thoughtful comments on other people’s posts
  • Using hashtags on Instagram
  • Using relevant keywords on your blogs
  • Using the description in your YouTube Videos to promote your blog, social media platforms and products
  • Asking your video and live-stream viewers to share and comment and subscribe
  • Use paid ads on the content that is getting a lot of likes and views
  • Make sure your blogs are mobile optimised and that they are loading as fast as possible
  • Research what is working in your niche
  • Model those who are already successful
  • Get better at copywriting
  • Learn new skills that you can use to improve your business
  • Develop the right mindset – Believe that you can and will succeed

There are so many ways that you can gain momentum – only limited by your imagination.  So why not give it a go – it definitely works if you work at it!!

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