How To Make an Ebook With Your Blogs

Why Make an Ebook With Your Blogs?

The main reason to make an ebook with your blogs is that it is faster to make it because you already have most of the content.  You can use it to collect leads because people who are interested in your topic will appreciate a free ebook.  You could also upload it to Kindle and make some sales or sell it on a website (not the one that the blogs are posted on!) 😀

I decided to test these methods before recommending any of them to you.

Method No 1 – Use Canva:

So I started by finding an ebook template in Canva (a free software that you will find at  After I opened my chosen template I then went to my website and chose the posts that I wanted to include in my ebook.  I started to copy and paste my blog to the template but should have added at least enough pages to add the first blog.  I had to read the blog to make sure that all of it was relevant to the ebook.  I made a few minor changes.  I found a few problems when I was trying to change the font but managed to sort them out pretty quickly.. It took me longer than expected because I felt that I needed to pad out some parts of the blog to fit in with the structure of the  ebook e.g. I decided to give a full page to each of the marketing challenges.

Method No 2 – Google Doc with Own Design Cover

I created my ebook cover in my favourite app for graphics which just happens to be RelayThat – but you could create the ebook cover in Canva and add it to your Google Doc.  Then I outlined the chapters and filled them with the contents of the blog – I changed some of the wording so that it was relevant for an ebook but no problems regarding fonts or structure.  The fact that I am a lot more familiar with Google Docs than I am with Canva Templates may be why I preferred the second method to the first

Method No 3 – Using an App Designed Especially To Create E-Books

First of all I was greeted with a video showing me how to use the tools provided to navigate the pages of the ebook.  They explained that I could duplicate pages, delete pages and use drag and drop which is also included in the navigator.  You can access 1000 fonts, change the background,spacing, fonts etc.  You can resize image and word wrap it and there re many more features which are included in the introductory video.

You can upload your own images or search for images in your niche.  There is a help feature and support is also available if you want any information that is not included in the help section.  I must say this software has really motivated me to write some ebooks.   If you are also building your brand, I would recommend it because it will help you to produce a much better quality ebook.  Your ebook may be the first content that someone sees and it is important to come across as someone who is professional and is promoting quality products.  You can  take advantage of this special one time offer to Get Started Right Away




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