Idea Maker to Action Taker

From Idea Maker to Action Taker

Have you ever wondered how they do it? – These people who turn great ideas and even not so great ideas into fortunes.  It seems to happen more in the online space than anywhere else.  Have you been really frustrated or disappointed when you see someone doing something that you had thought about doing but never got around to it.  They have turned it into a very successful business while all you could do was feel helpless as you watched from the sidelines?

I know this has happened to me on more than one occasion and I imagine that you have had the same experience.  Maybe you have even got an ideas notebook or you save little messages on your phone about your latest and greatest ideas.  How different your life could be now if you had taken action of a few of those awesome ideas!

Affirmations are not enough

Gratitude is not enough

Reading books is not enough

Watching “How To” videos on YouTube is not enough

Checking up on your competitors is not enough

Tracking your links and analysing your social media posts and blogs is not enough

You, my friend, need to stop thinking about what you could do or would do if only…….. and start taking action now!

What’s Been Stopping YOU?

Instead of taking the “woe is me approach” why not sit down with your ideas book and a cup of coffee (or a glass of whiskey -whatever you feel is more appropriate) and figure out for once and for all why you are avoiding taking the actions that you know would move you forward in your life.

  • Is it a self confidence issue?
  • Are you worried about what might happen if you fail?
  • Are you afraid of being judged by family or so-called friends?
  • Is it because you think that you are not an expert in your niche?
  • Maybe you don’t like how you look on camera or in videos

Whatever issues are holding you back -don’t you think that it is about time that you tackled them?

When you start believing in yourself and stop listening to the naysayers and just do something – however small or insignificant it may seem – then and only then you will start to feel different about yourself and your confidence and belief in your own abilities will grow.  Those naysayers will stop judging and start asking “How did you do it? How did you turn your life around?  and you will answer -“I just started taking action on my dreams!”

If you feel that you can’t do it alone  – there are many successful people who will be more than willing to help you. 

19 thoughts on “Idea Maker to Action Taker”

  1. Hey there, I really enjoyed reading through your article, I must say that I really needed this because I am a newbie out here and his really gave me strong affirmation that I am on the right track. I wonder why people work so hard at their strenuous jobs just to struggle to make ends meet not knowing that there are very good opportunities like these out here

  2. Thank you for writing this article. I’m actually one of those ‘idea makers’ who afraid to make it into something visible. You hit me on the spot. I’m actually afraid of whether people around me will accept what I want to do. I like working as an online worker (freelancer) and make money from websites, but they don’t seem to like it. Online freelancer is treated as ‘not working seriously’ which make me sad. I’ll try to be patient making money and prove to them that this is a legit job.

    • Hi Alexander You are welcome and please don’t be sad about what other people say or think.  As someone once said “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”

  3. Thank you for the push in the right direction. Most of us would have great success stories only if we take action in the great ideas we had over the years. Consistent action is what really set apart most successful people. The average calculate a lot and they are afraid of taking risks.

    • Thanks for your comment Bogadi.  You are so right – I suppose we are all hard wired to avoid risks – stepping out of the comfort zone is so hard yet usually so worthwhile

  4. So many dreams end up been dream because they never started. While some started but never got the right support. Thank you for this community, I checked your link and saw what mike and Paul had to offer, it is a full package for affiliate marketing. Top of it they are going to allow a 7 days trail for just 1 dollar.

     This is a good opportunity for any one. if you have been thinking pls go hit the button and sign up.

    • Thank you for your valuable comment.  Sometimes it’s not easy to watch people passing by something that you know for sure would be a great opportunity for them.  It takes someone like you who has already had a lot of experience and success to get the message across.  Thank you so much for that.

  5. This here is an article meant for those with ideas, but are yet to work on them. This is an article meant to push anybody to get started with working on their idea(s). I, for one, haven read this article, started questioning myself if I have been holding back on my ideas. It turns out I have. Well, I have now made a decision inside me to make sure I work on all my ideas gradually, but fast enough.

  6. Thank you for this encouraging post. I have done all this that you have mentioned here: read books, watched YouTube videos, etc. But still I don’t find myself taking action as I should. I have “tryed” but that’s not it! You must be passionate about it! So your post has given me a new perspective and I am going to work with this new view in mind. Thanks!

    • You are welcome Abel – So glad it has got you thinking about turning your ideas into action.  We all need to ask ourselves a few questions probably on a daily basis like “What have I done today to move myself nearer my goal(s)”

  7. Excellent information on avoiding all the distractive thoughts and spending the majority of time on productive tasks that will produce viable results. Whatever is the issue for nonaction can be dealt with once addressing head-on instead of ignored. Once the resistance is seen for what it is, merely an idea we bought into at some point in time, we can replace that idea with the truth of our ability to get things done and then take action. By side-stepping the issue we move toward our ideal life.

  8. I’ve always hated failing in whatever I do. So because of that I tend to spend most time procrastinating.  Am really happy I saw this article.  When I saw your sub topic asking what has been stopping me I had this question in belly asking.  What has really been stopping you. I guess it’s been a low self esteem problem. Now I know I can.  

  9. Thank you for the introductory video…it’s nice to meet you!  It’s funny, isn’t it, that some sort of major catalyst always seems to be the reason we decide to get more out of life.  You don’t say how much time you were granted to spend with your mother after her fall but I hope you felt it was satisfactory.  

    I definitely like what you have to say and I like that you caution people that it takes time to earn an income.  I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.

    • Thank you Cynthia.  My mother was rather temperamental at times so I missed out seeing her for about a year but she welcomed me back into her life after she had a fall and she lived until she was almost 104 years old.  I left my home and my mortgage business and went to live with her in Dublin for the last year of her life.  She was an extremely charismatic character and fascinated everyone who met her.  I did write the book.  You can see part of the story on Amazon at 

  10. I think an ideas book is an excellent idea so to speak. Ideas can be fleeting, so writing them down becomes important. Failure is something that everyone fears. Believing in yourself can be the solution to overcoming that fear. You have provided some outstanding encouragement in this post. I’m looking forward to seeing more!


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