Playing Catch Up

Do you spend a lot of time playing catch up?  I know that I have been doing that far too much.  It means you are in a constant state of anxiety rushing to catch up on the trainings you’ve missed, on the books you haven’t got around to reading, on the tasks you have not completed or maybe have not even started.  So why are we putting ourselves under this pressure?  Is it to impress someone or to convince ourselves that by working harder we are going to achieve our goals.  Some people are so busy paying catch up that they don’t even have the time to  figure out what their goals are never mind achieve them.

It’s a bit like the person clutching at straws and the more they struggle the  faster they sink.  So let’s take a step back  and ask ourselves why we are in such a hurry.  Let’s just start each day by  writing down 3 tasks and focusing on them to the exclusion of all the other distractions.  If you manage to get all three completed give yourself a reward and if you don’t, give yourself a reward anyway and put the ones you didn’t complete on the next days list.  If you are focusing on the tasks that will take you one step closer to your goal or vision then it’s only a matter of time before you achieve it.  When you keep doing this consistently the law of attraction kicks in and the people and things that you need to move you forward in your life will miraculously appear.

Some people think that miracles only happen to other people but they are always waiting in the sidelines for all of us – all they need is a little nudge.

Playing catch up is really just a bad habit that we have taught ourselves and there is no reason why we cannot unlearn it.  We just need to replace it with a new better more effective habit.  It doesn’t have to be black or white – a gradual improvement is always better than no improvement at all.  None of us are perfect and neither are our mentors.  We may miss a day or two  when we join a challenge.  That is not an excuse to give up – this is the one time when instead of trying to catch up we can just extend the challenge for a few days

Morning routines listing 10 things we are grateful for and repeating affirmations on a daily basis have been proven to work for many successful people – they may well work for you, so why not give them a try.  While you are at it ask yourself this question  “What can I do today to be more effective in my business?” or “What can I do today to create a passive income?”  Health goals or relationship goals may be more important to you at the moment so you can devise questions like “What can I do to make my partner happy today?” or ” What unhealthy food will I avoid today?” and remind yourself when you start the day that you are not going to let this brand new day be wasted playing catch up.

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