Realistic Expectations

Realistic Expectations For Your Online Business

There are pros and cons regarding the expectations that you have for your online business.  These depend partly on the stage you are at, the skills you already have and the ones that you need to acquire in order to build your business effectively.  They also depend on your level of commitment, your experience, your mindset and your beliefs.

Unrealistic Expectations can damage your business

It’s best to ask yourself a few questions before you set your expectations.

  • Do you know the size of the market for your business?
  • Have you researched your competitors and found out what is working or not working for them?
  • Why would anyone want to buy what you have to offer? 
  • Who is it going to help and can they afford it?
  • Are you really solving a problem for your target audience – the bigger the problem the more you can charge for the solution?
  • Are you moving them to the next step?
  • Have you got the right tools and training in place yet?
  • How much do you need to invest in your business?
  • What is the true value of your offer?
  • Are you willing to work like mad to achieve success in your business?
  • Are your beliefs limiting or limitless?

If you do not believe 100% in your product or service and you are not sure if it will provide the benefits you are claiming then it is almost sure to be a non-starter.  On the other hand if you have already experienced these benefits from it yourself (or know others who have done so) and are proud to be the owner of it, the chances are you will achieve your goals and dreams.  It may take longer to reach these goals than you anticipate but you may surpass them beyond all your expectations.

One of my Youtube favourites started off with $25 and after 4 years was astounded to discover that she had earned $10 million dollars.  That was definitely beyond her expectations and I hope that you will go beyond yours.  She spent a lot of time and money and effort on her business even to the point of burn out at one stage. 

Nowadays it is a lot simpler to automate many tasks and avoid the overwhelm that can be a large part of being an online business owner or marketer.  Look out for processes  and systems and tools that will promote you and your business with less efforts and bigger results.

Here is one tool that certainly fits the bill for a multitude of reasons – you can try it out here.

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