Test and Track

If you don’t want to leave money on the table, then you need to test and track most of  your content.  I learnt this lesson the hard way!  I made a lead page for a special theme that I was promoting.   At that time I was not having much success with affiliate marketing – so when I got an email from the company asking me the strategy I had used to sell 13 themes in one day I was flattered but at the same time devastated.  The commission for the sales came after a couple of months and by that time I had forgotten what I had done or where I had been advertising the product that specific day.  That taught me a hard lesson!  Imagine if I had been tracking my lead pages and had been able to repeat the actions I had taken that  day – I could even have scaled those results by using paid ads.

Another time with another lead page which was getting me 2 leads consistently on a daily basis  on autopilot – for some crazy reason I listened to an accountability partner I had at the time who advised me to change it and yes you’ve guessed it I stopped getting the signups and couldn’t remember the original wording of the lead page.

One of the best ways of growing and scaling your business is to run split tests on your funnels, your images, your sales pages – in fact all of your advertising material can be improved by this simple method.  On some softwares you can have split tests on more than 2 items at a time.  Each time you test make sure only to change one thing e.g  the colour and/or the size of the font, the CTA (call to action), the buy button.  Just whatever you think might more attractive to your potential client.  You can try adding  a bonus on one test page to find out how effective that is or perhaps use a coupon instead.   You  may also be able to send split test A  to a certain percentage of your audience and the rest to Split test B.  This feature is useful if you have something that is already getting good results and you want to send the original to a larger percentage of your audience and split test say 20% so that you don’t risk losing too many sales while you can still try to improve your results.

I used to pay for a tracking software, but now I have found a funnel builder that has an even better tracking system and pays out 80% commissions.  It includes  a lot of other great features and training.

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