The Missing Skill

Do you ever feel that there is something missing in your life.  Something that could have turned your life around and increased your earning power tremendously!  It’s a skill that has been around since time began but has been and still is probably the most under-rated skill of all.  Many people don’t even look upon it as a skill.  They believe that it’s just something you are born with or not.  Of course that skill is selling.  If you were good at selling the chances are you wouldn’t even be reading this blog – you’d probably be off sipping pina coladas on some exotic beach.

When kids want something they are all great little sales people.  They are totally focused on the outcome and will not be distracted from it.  Persistence with a little bit of charm added can work wonders on their parents and if all else fails they can turn their attentions to the grand parents who are usually a pushover.  .  When they reach their teens some go on to improve or even perfect their selling skills with lots of practice, while with others the doubts start to set in and they lose this great gift.  What a great pity that selling is not part of the school curriculum.

I have known a few really good salespeople and I have noticed that there is one thing that they have in common  and that is that they treat selling as a game.  They love it and for them every new contact is a challenge  and every new buyer a victory.  They are always on the lookout for the next client or the next deal.  They make us lesser mortals curl up in the corner defeated once again marvelling at their seemingly magical powers.  They know their products inside out and that gives them that extra spark of confidence that they need to push on to closing the deal.

I enjoy watching a great sales person in action.  Some of them succeed because of their natural charm and others have persistence as their main weapon.  I know one very successful sales woman who describes herself as a terrier.   Most of them have learnt the art of selling from a parent or from some form of corporate training.

Nowadays anyone who has sales experience can make a killing on the internet. but there are also opportunities for those of us who don’t.  It’s called marketing and the selling is done by using content to create irresistible offers which can then be scaled and put on automatic mode.

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