What Can YOU Do?

I was chatting to one of my four fabulous grandsons today and it occurred to me just how difficult it must be for young people to cope with the current situation.  All the things that I took for granted as a teenager have been swept away and in their place is so much uncertainty.   Who knows what the long term effects of all this worldwide disruption is going to be on all our lives, but especially on young people and young families.

I was also talking to friend whose sister is in a nursing home and he had to talk to her from the other side of a glass partition.   She told him that she felt as if she was in jail.  Others are struggling financially because they have lost their jobs.   Everyone is effected in so many ways and you may be asking yourself “What Can I Do to Help?   Virtual hugs will never replace real ones. Facebook friends cannot replace  flesh and blood ones.  However somehow we have to find solutions to overcome as many of these struggles as possible.

I believe that the internet is a wonderful tool that could help people immensely to improve their lives and the lives of others, whatever their age or skill sets.  We should all be sharing our skill sets, our stories and our experiences, but often lack of confidence causes us to keep our thoughts and ideas that could be of use to others locked away in our minds.  We could all be coming out of this current situation with new skills and a new understanding of what is really important in life.

So what can YOU do to help even one person feel better?  Could you teach them something new or share an interest with them or just offer them a few words of encouragement and  reassurance that this too will pass.   You can change lives -all it takes in a little thought and looking at life through the other person’s lens instead of your own all the time.  A compliment or a kind word can make someone’s day brighter, so when you wake up tomorrow morning just ask yourself “What can I do?”

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